Cloth Diapering-To do or not to do

I personally love cloth diapering. I made the choice about a year ago when I was looking to save money and WOW did it do just that! As I was researching all the reasons to switch, the main thing I realized was I had no reason NOT to switch. I was washing clothes about every other day already and I didn’t hate it. Plus, a good side benefit was reducing my carbon footprint on the world. So, I committed. I moved forward with Bum Genius 4.0 AIO (all in ones). For about 6 months, Bum Genius diapers were all that I used. I loved them and really still do. I just decided to see what other options were available (and maybe cheaper). I found many different kinds including prefolds (my favorite being-GMD (Green Mountain Diaper) prefolds). I have yet to find any kind of cloth diapers that I didn’t like but I was beginning to struggle with the stinkies. If you have done any research on cloth diapers, darn near everyone has this issue especially if they have a front load system. I tried everything….I mean everything. The ONLY thing that was successful for me was Rockin Green and Funk Rock. They have varying types of detergent for every water type and many awesome smells (baby safe and all natural). Once I began using Funk Rock and Rockin Green, my diapers were back to perfect.

Ever since finding Rockin Green, my satisfaction and enjoyment of cloth diapering has quadrupled and it reaffirmed my hopes that living Green could be affordable and enjoyable. I would recommend cloth diapering to any one and everyone at least to try (there are rental services out there) not only for your budget, or the world but most importantly, that little bundle of joy. Cloth diapers decrease the risks of diaper rash and have no chemicals (if you use Rockin Green, especially).

If I can do it as a work-a-holic, family-a-holic mother to three young boys, so can you. Don’t be intimidated. Jump in there and let me know if I can offer any wisdom or support!!

Is anyone else cloth diapering? If so, what are your thoughts? Do you agree? What are your struggles and solutions??


Can’t wait to hear from you!!


About OrgaNized liFe of A diSorGanizEd MoTher

A successful business woman with three boys under the age of 5. My life is chaos.....happy chaos......
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3 Responses to Cloth Diapering-To do or not to do

  1. clothdiaperguru says:

    So glad you are enjoying cloth diapering! I just started a blog talking about the “how to’s” of cloth diapering. We’ve been CDing for over 20 months and LOVE it 🙂

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