Veggie Tales Veggie Garden

My grandfather taught me everything I know about gardening (which is mainly water, water, water). As a child, I can remember helping him get ready for garden season around St. Patrick’s day each year. He would gather up empty milk carton bottoms and plant his seeds. Then, strategically place the plants around the house in the windows. I remember watering these plants relentlessly and then transplanting them into the garden when it was time.

I want my boys to have many green skills that they can use in the future (if they so desire). Gardening is one of those skills.

Brady got a Veggie Tales Garden for Christmas and he couldn’t wait to plant it. So after much harassment, I gave in about two weeks ago.

He knew about the food chain from the Wild Krats so I explained a garden in those terms. We then proceeded to plant it. We had so much fun! We talked about patience and taking care of things like the plants and the earth.

For Easter, the boys are getting gardening gloves and equipment to prepare for the upcoming gardening season. I am hopeful that this will also keep their interest in gardening. Brady is doing very well watering the plants and boy are they growing fast. We will soon have to transplant.

I am cranked for my garden. I have it mostly planned. But so far, we have 16 tomato plants and 5 pepper plants.

Good start to a new season, new learning opportunities, family time, and a green adventure.

Green tip #1: It’s always good to have plants in your house. They are natural air purifiers.



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A successful business woman with three boys under the age of 5. My life is chaos.....happy chaos......
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One Response to Veggie Tales Veggie Garden

  1. clothdiaperguru says:

    Good tip on the milk cartons, thanks!!

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