I REALLY don’t understand men?!?

Last Wednesday, it was my birthday. This would make our 8th year celebrating my birthday (my husband and I). As my birthday approached, we would discuss what we were going to do for my birthday. My best friend wanted to get together so I was also trying to plan a date for that. It seemed that as I planned the date with my best friend that my husband thought he rated second in my birthday celebration. So, I made special plans to keep today open for him.

Now, mind you, he has NEVER planned anything for my birthday without my assistance. But, I left this day open to see what he would do. I even told him that.

Well, here it is Saturday morning and guess what!?!

He has no plans for us for tonight!


Like I didn’t see that one coming.

This morning, I am getting ready while he is in the shower and we are talking about what weekend I can plan to hang out with my best friend, Lisa.

I say “What weekend are you going to be at your class?”

He says “March 31st, why?”

I say “I am going to see if Lisa is free that weekend so that we aren’t gone different weekends”

He says “So you can meet up for lunch”

And I say “No, we are spending the evening together”

And he gets mad?!? He doesn’t say anything which is how I know he is mad.

“I am spending the evening with her like you spend the evening with your friends every Friday night. Do I get invited, no! Like Valentine’s weekend, you went to the gun bash with your friends, alone. So, I am going alone. What is the big deal anyway? This is your weekend to spend with me doing something and what did you plan, nothing.”

He could tell that I was getting angry so he quit talking.

The less he said the more MAD I got.

I could tell that he was trying to think of a creative way to apologize without apologizing and then make up for the lack of plans but he was walking on thin ice.

He started playing with the baby. He walked into the bathroom and said to himself “Now, what did I come in here for”

Umm, clearly to talk to me. Lol!

Well, prior to him leaving, he sits down beside me while I am feeding the baby and starts talking about the NCAA tournament. Of course that will get me talking.

Ever so elegantly, he slides in there with
“We can do whatever you want tonight. I can cook steaks on the grill and we could snuggle and watch our shows. Anything you want.”

And I smile and say “ok, that’s fine”

When I really want to say, did you not listen to this discussion? The point is, I want you to plan. It is my birthday. And I am still going out alone with Lisa!



About OrgaNized liFe of A diSorGanizEd MoTher

A successful business woman with three boys under the age of 5. My life is chaos.....happy chaos......
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2 Responses to I REALLY don’t understand men?!?

  1. Clearly you kids have some communication issues. First of all, you need to understand that for many men, few things say “Romance” like a gun show.

    As for his lack of speaking, it’s a guy thing. We’d rather stay silent and let the women in our lives come up with bizarre interpretations of our thoughts. The results of women’s psychic mind meld attempts are seldom close to the truth, largely because we’re thinking about topics which are so obscure they surprise even us. “I could tell that he was trying to think of a creative way to apologize without apologizing and then make up for the lack of plans but he was walking on thin ice. ” In reality, he was thinking about that time in his sophomore year in high school when he missed the bus and hitch hiked.

    Finally, to address the NCAA basketball comment, you misinterpreted his words. While he said “I think Kansas can make it to the final four, but there’s no way they can win it all”, the actual meaning behind his words was: “I forgot to make dinner reservations for your birthday, but I’m still hoping if I play this right, we can fool around once the kids are asleep”. I’d like to thank you for posting this piece, as it has inspired an upcoming post from yours truly. As an honorable writer, I’ll give you the props you deserve.

    • I’ve written the post I described above and will be glad to reference your post in the comments section, but since you haven’t actually approved my comment, I’ll respectfully await your permission before doing so. Hope you recognize my attempt at sarcasm and don’t send your gun toting hubby after me.

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