Pinterest and Copyright Laws

I love Pinterest!! I could spend all kinds of time posting pins and reviewing pins. As a matter of fact, when I was getting up through the middle of the night with my baby, I would find myself spending an additional 15 minutes looking at new pins on Pinterest. I was definitely addicted. However, since then, I haven’t spent as much time due to my concerns regarding copyright laws. I had been planning to talk about this previously but have been dragging my feet. My final motivation was an email from Pinterest discussing changes with their terms.

So, what are the legalities of Pinterest and all other similar sites?

Here are some useful links to help you understand the rules.

1. U.S. Copyright Office Fair Use Rules

2. ‘Pinterest’ Wades In Murky Copyright Waters-NPR


Hopefully, Pinterest can work out some of their copyright issues so that we can pin happily ever after. Just remember, as discussed in the third article, comment on each pin and this may help keep issues at bay.


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2 Responses to Pinterest and Copyright Laws

  1. Cloth Diaper Guru says:

    Thank you for explaining these new rules! I like Pintrest to promote my blog and share information, but I’ve often wondered about copy write issues for other images I’ve “pinned”.

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