Being the Best YOU Possible


It has been a couple days (ok, quite a few days) since I last blogged. In that time, my life was in a state of less organized chaos (more than typical). I had many gatherings and baby/bridal showers with friends, extra curriculars with the kids and of course, work drama (budget season)!! Some good-others not so much but in this time I got to thinking. Kind of like a personal inventory with strengths and weaknesses. And then I started wondering, do other people do this? Do other (normal) people continue in a state of self-improvement (consciously) throughout their life trying to achieve self-actualization as Goldstein or Maslow suggested?

It seems like I know a fair number of people who do not. They seem stunted in being who they are/what they know and refuse to go outside of that both in thought or deed. People who just are what they are or are not and are perfectly content with that both professionally or personally. Why is that? I just don’t get it!?!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with the vast amount of knowledge about stuff that I don’t have, or the things I want to do or learn that I don’t have time for and become paralyzed. Is that where these people listed above are? It seems to me as though they are more likely blissfully oblivious.

I can tell you, my head spins at all I want to accomplish and learn. Not saying (in this area) that perfection is my drive but just the satisfaction of knowing that I can do it!

I know a lot of people who are better at everything that I do than myself but I have my own strengths and I am satisfied with that. But, if you don’t try new things how do you know that they can’t be another strength of yours?

It is my opinion that this is how you develop into the best possible person. Constantly growing and changing- learning and trying.

Thank God that I am not the parent now that I was with my first child because I would have had a mental breakdown with three. But without the last five years of growth (trial and error), I wouldn’t have developed into the parent I am now.

Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Imagine living the rest of your life like it is today. What are the things that you would miss? What growth opportunities, and losses that will mold you into the person that you will become?

To me, that’s what life is about.


Being the BEST possible You!

“I could have missed the pain, but I would have had to miss the dance.” Garth Brooks

What can you do today to work towards the best possible you?
In parenting?
In your marriage?
In your friendships?
At work?

Whatever is important to you. Dream it and Achieve it!


About OrgaNized liFe of A diSorGanizEd MoTher

A successful business woman with three boys under the age of 5. My life is chaos.....happy chaos......
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