To sum me up in one word, I would say chaotic. I was originally going to say crazy but I am not always crazy. I am very type A and busy is my middle name. I always overextend myself with the goal of being involved but then get overwhelmed and I am less successful with everything.

I am a mother of three wild and crazy boys and one girl (black lab). I work full time, mother full time, and have so many likes and activities. I am interested in everything. Especially learning!!

My daylight, weekday job is in addictions. I am an executive director of a small social profit facility and I am a licensed clinical social worker. I am passionate about addictions, recovery and prevention!!

Past times: cloth diapering, organic gardening, homesteading, crochet, cooking (well just on the weekend), making homemade baby food, running and all other things to help me be a better parent and overall person.

I teach the Highmark Kidshape Program to combat Childhood Obesity and I love the program!!!

I also am an assistant AYSO soccer coach with my husband as the head coach. I am on the AYSO board and I serve as the treasurer.

I hope that from my craziness I can assist others in some of my strengths and learn from others in my lesser strengths.

Can’t wait to start!


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