Mother of the Year Award

I couldn’t start my mother of the year blog without giving you some feedback regarding the origin.

So, when I had my first baby five years ago, I had nightmares that I would be a horrible mother. None of my friends were having babies at that time and so the only person I had to ask advice from was my mother who had her last baby 24 years prior (my baby brother). Raised of Puritan descent, of course I couldn’t ask anyone else for help so I was preparing for delivery with the Mother of the Year Award type attitude- you know- PERFECTION!

Well, needless to say, that went to hell in a hand basket.

However, the purpose of this page is to laugh at myself and to help you laugh at yourself! After all, isn’t chaos and learning part of life. If we knew it all, what would be the point of living!?!

So here goes……..


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