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Not a Zen-ful runner? Me Either!!

This is so me!!

I understand the connection running has to mindfulness and meditation but I have not mastered that yet. Actually, I am not even close. If my iPod dies, I am shot as well. But, I will continue to practice running until I reach that zen place.

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Sports: When should kids play

Let me set the stage here.  I am a very competitive, sports minded mother.  When I found out that I was going to be having three boys, I was very excited about the potential sports that they would play.  I … Continue reading

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Don’t Call ME cuz I won’t call you back!!

Technology! I am currently at a training about this very topic that has been very useful!! Maybe, it is the reason for this post in its entirety! In many ways, I am not your typically millennial but in the way … Continue reading

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What kind of mother sends their kid to school on St. Patrick’s Day with no green?

Let’s start by saying that I didn’t make the same mistake this year but here goes another Mother of the Year story by Brooke! Last year, which is not my first year for St. Patrick’s Day or my first year … Continue reading

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